Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings (2024)

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring on a hand

Whether you prefer a one carat emerald cut diamond ring, a two carat emerald cut diamond or a bolder three carat masterpiece, emerald cut engagement rings showcase the versatility of this classic design, making them a popular choice for romantic milestones. Play around with our carat weight widget below to see how different carat weights look in different shapes and styles on hand.

Stone shape1 carat2 carat3 carat
Round6.4 x 6.4mm8.1 x 8.1mm9.4 x 9.4mm
Princess5.5 x 5.5mm7.3 x 7.3mm8.6 x 8.6mm
Emerald7 x 5mm8.5 x 6.5mm10 x 7mm
Asscher5.5 x 5.5mm7 x 7mm8 x 8mm
Oval8 x 5.5mm10 x 7mm11 x 8mm
Marquise10 x 5mm12 x 6mm14 x 7mm
Pear8 x 5.5mm10 x 7mm12 x 8mm
Heart6.5 x 6.5mm8.5 x 8.5mm10 x 10mm
Cushion6.5 x 6.5mm8 x 8mm9.5 x 9.5mm

How does diamond carat weight impact emerald cut engagement ring price?

Because larger diamonds are more rare, the heavier the diamond, the higher the price. For example, a 1 carat emerald cut diamond would be valued higher than two 0.50 carat emerald cut diamonds of the same quality. In general, a doubling the size of your diamond can cost three to four times more.

Highly sought-after emerald cut diamond sizes can also carry a price premium. If you’re after a 1, 1.5 or 2 carat etc. we recommend buying just shy of these carat weights, which can result in savings.

You can often save around 10% by choosing a diamond that is around 0.10cts lower than the popular sizes. They’ll appear almost identical in size but won’t carry the same price tag. – Nikolay Piriankov, CEO at Taylor & Hart

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Expert Advice: How to choose the perfect emerald cut diamond?

Just because a diamond is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better. The right diamond isn’t just based on one factor but a combination of all 4 Cs (carat, cut, clarity and colour). When choosing a diamond, focus on the quality that’s most important to you, then work to balance the remaining three.

Diamond Colour:

If you are looking at a white gold or platinum band, we would recommend colour grades of G-H. Opt for a colour grade between D (colourless) and G (near-colourless) for a mesmerising icy white diamond without unnecessary cost. If you are looking at a rose gold or yellow gold band, we would recommend a diamond with a colour range of G-J. The warm tones of the metal will offset any hints of colour in the diamond. The most frequent diamond colour we see amongst our customers is F. This is closely followed by E and G.

For the best overall value, a G-H diamond from the near colourless category is a great choice. The visible difference between these grades and grades in the colourless category is minor, but you could make huge savings. – Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director at Taylor & Hart

Diamond Clarity:

To be sure that your diamond can display its full fire and brilliance, we would recommend a SI1 clarity grade or higher. Aim for clarity grades like VS1 or VS2 (Very Slightly Included) for diamonds with minimal visible flaws to the naked eye. The most popular diamond clarity grade we see amongst our customers is VS1, closely followed by VVS2.

VS clarity grade diamonds offer the best value. They cost less than flawless diamonds, but still appear totally eye-clean, with great light performance and bright sparkle. – Alessandra Ranaglia, Head of Supply Chain at Taylor & Hart

Diamond Cut:

A diamond cut grade is only applicable to round shaped diamonds and affects how the diamond catches light and sparkles. Look for Excellent or Ideal cut grades for maximum brilliance.

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  • Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

What is an emerald diamond?

Emerald cut diamonds boast an elongated rectangular shape with cut-off corners, sometimes referred to as a square cut emerald.

Instead of the brilliance and sparkle exhibited by a round or cushion diamond, emerald diamond engagement rings offer flashes of light due to their long, straight facets. This is known as the “Hall of Mirrors”.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings (2)

Why should I choose an emerald cut diamond?

The emerald diamond shape is striking–the flashes of light stand out against traditional brilliant cut diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are seen on wedding fingers of celebrities around the globe–from Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to Camilla, duch*ess of Cornwall, this diamond shape caters to all styles.

The elongated shape of an emerald cut diamond is also incredibly flattering–it elongates the finger by following the natural lines of the hand.

Emerald diamonds offer a huge range of versatility in terms of engagement ring design–traditional or contemporary bespoke styles, an emerald cut diamond is a truly unique choice.

Which celebrities wear emerald cut diamond engagement rings?

Emerald cut diamonds are an elegant, chic choice, so it’s no wonder that countless celebrities have opted for this style over the years. From Beyoncé to Angelina Jolie, the emerald cut diamond is a contemporary style fit for the red carpet.

What is the best setting for an emerald cut diamond?

Because the shape just about fits perfectly with any setting, emerald cut diamonds are highly versatile gemstones. This is due to the long lines and geometric qualities of the cut’s shape, which can be accentuated with a pavé band or complemented with fancy cut side stones such as baguettes or trapezoids. An emerald cut diamond can also hold its own, making it a perfect choice for a timeless solitaire ring.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings (3)

An emerald cut diamond would also pair well with either yellow gold or rose gold, but platinum is the most popular choice with this diamond cut.

If you choose to go with an emerald cut diamond, consider embellishing your piece through a custom engagement ring design. From customising your side stones or adding detailing along the band, the possibilities are endless.

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How much does an emerald diamond engagement ring cost?

When set on a plain solitaire band a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold engagement ring featuring a 1ct emerald cut diamond costs about £4,100. A platinum band set with a 1ct emerald cut diamond costs about £4,150.

When set on a plain solitaire band a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold engagement ring featuring a 2ct emerald cut diamond costs about £14,850. A platinum band set with a 2ct emerald cut diamond costs about £15,000.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings (2024)
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