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Want to know the secret to throwing one epic bridal shower? It’s all about originality. While following the traditional guidelines is a safe standard, being a modern maid of honor means you’re not afraid to mix it up- especially when it comes to bridal shower themes.

If basic and boring is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking to win the award for the most kick-ass maid of honor ever, then stick around.

Below we have nine unique bridal shower themes guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression.


As newlyweds, the bride and groom will have plenty to celebrate and what better way to do so than with a fully stocked bar!

The basics of this wedding shower theme are simple: Send out invitations informing guests this is a stock-the-bar style party and that instead of a traditional bridal shower gift, they are encouraged to bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor.

The couple may choose to register for barware or decor as well, in which case you would also include the registry information on the invitation.

For more details on this fun theme, check out our comprehensive guide on how to host a stock-the-bar shower.


Our Stock-the-Bar shower must-haves:

Bar Cart Display

Go in with your fellow bridesmaids and purchase a bar cart for the couple that doubles as a display for the shower!


co*cktail Recipe Cards

Surprise the bride and groom by having guests fill out a card with their favorite co*cktail recipes for them to mix up during their next date night.


Mini Liquor Bottle Favor Tags

Give each guest a little something to take home in the form of a mini liquor bottle, complete with these adorable favor tags.


Brunch and Bubbly”

If your bride-to-be loves classically chic bridal shower themes, you won’t go wrong with throwing a boozy bridal brunch!

The focus of a bridal brunch really is the food and drink menu, so you must be sure to have a solid setup. Our rule of thumb is to always feature the three B’s: breakfast, bubbles, and bloody.

Keep the theme going with the decorations by incorporating fun “brunch and bubbly” balloons and banners, as well as brunch-related favors and prizes.

Want more details on how to pull off this popular theme? Check out our full guide on how to host a bridal shower brunch in eight simple steps!


Our Brunch and Bubbly must-haves:

DIY Mimosa Bar

“A bridal brunch without a mimosa bar is not a bridal brunch at all” –Modern MOH

Check out our bridal shower mimosa bar guide for more details.


9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (7)
9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (8)

Bloody Marys in a Jar

Remember what we said about brunch-related favors? These personal Bloody Mary kits are a perfect choice!

Brunch Recipe Book

Send out these blank cards with the invitations and have guests jot down their go-to brunch recipes. At the shower, combine them together in a recipe book or box to give the bride!


She Found Her Main Squeeze

Are you looking to host a cheerful celebration to match the bride-to-be’s perky personality? If so, then a “she found her main squeeze” bridal shower is the perfect choice for you!

This lemon-inspired theme is perfect for showers being held during the spring and summer seasons when bright colors and cold co*cktails are an absolute must.

Speaking of cold co*cktails, there is no shortage of yummy lemon-flavored drinks. Pair these with some delicious desserts and you’re on your way to hosting the juiciest shower of all time!

Want to know more about this fun and festive theme? Check out our best “she found her main squeeze” bridal shower ideas!


Our She Found Her Main Squeeze must-haves:

She Found Her Main Squeeze Sign

You can’t possibly have a ‘she found her main squeeze’ bridal shower without a super cute sign to announce it!


Lemon-Themed Supplies

The most important aspect of this bridal shower theme is the aesthetic, so make sure to go all out with on-brand food and drink supplies.


Lemon Lush

Of all the lemon-flavored desserts, we love a good lemon lush. Also referred to as lemon lasagna, this no-bake beauty is perfect for a hot summer day!

9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (13)

Traveling from Miss to Mrs”

If your bestie and her future hubby are avid travelers or are planning a destination wedding/honeymoon, then this is one of our bridal shower themes to pay attention to!

Depending on the circ*mstances, you can choose to focus the shower on a specific destination or go for a general travel-themed bridal shower.

Whichever way you choose to go, just be sure to incorporate travel into all the tiny details- invitations, decorations, favors, games, etc.

MODERN MOH TIP: Are you focusing this theme on the couple’s honeymoon location? Tie this into the gift by creating a DIY honeyfund with the rest of the bridal party, where you all choose a local activity or meal at a restaurant to purchase for the couple.


Our Traveling from Miss to Mrs. must-haves:

Luggage Tag Favors

There’s nothing we love more than an on-brand yet practical bridal shower favor for guests, and these luggage tags are just that!


Where Were We? Game

Play this super fun travel-themed game that has guests guessing the locations of the couple’s past trips.


“Passport” Photo Booth

Add a fun spin to a traditional photo booth by having guests take turns snapping a “passport” photo, complete with travel-themed props!


Vino Before Vows”

Can you think of a better way to shower your bride than with a trip to her favorite local winery? We can’t! So if your bestie is a fan of grown-up grape juice, then this theme idea for you.

The first step in planning a Vino Before Vows bridal shower is to get in contact with the vineyard/winery to determine their availability for the size of your party.

Once you have selected a date and made a reservation (if necessary), it’s important to iron out the little details.

For instance, how much is each tasting per person? does this winery serve food or are you responsible for bringing your own? Trust us, the more details you have planned out beforehand the better!


Our Vino Before Vows bridal shower must-haves:

Wine Charm Favors

Help guests keep track of their glass by giving out these adorable wine charms that double as guest favors!


Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Recycle some old wine bottles to use as decorative centerpieces. Step up your display by adding some fun fairy lights!


Wine Box Gift

Skip the registry gifts and give your bestie something super special and on-theme like this adorable anniversary wine box (Bonus points for filling it with wines from the bridal shower venue!)


“I Do BBQ”

Looking for a lowkey couples shower theme? We highly recommend an “I Do” BBQ!

This wedding shower theme works best if hosted at a guest’s house that has a large backyard with plenty of space for guests to mingle. If this is not an option, try checking out your local parks!

For food, go with anything that can be grilled (burgers, dogs, and sausages) paired with simple-to-serve sides (pasta/potato salad, deviled eggs, veggies, and dip).

For drinks, think big batch co*cktails that can be served in pitchers or dispensers as well as beer and wine that can be served out of coolers or tubs.


Our I Do BBQ wedding shower must-haves:

Backyard Games

Give guests something to do by setting up a variety of fun backyard games for groups like cornhole or Bucket Ball (this can also double as a gift for the bride and groom!)


Custom Koozies

Purchase practical favors that guests can actually use at the shower as well as after it too!


Utensil Holders

Skip the plastic utensil holders and use these adorable personalized I DO BBQ-themed kraft bags instead.


Fall In Love”

Celebrate your bestie with all things autumn by throwing her the most fabulous fall-inspired bridal shower.

Start by selecting a “fall in love” themed invitation, then move on to matching decorations, favors, and game prizes. Incorporating a similar color scheme is an easy way to tie these all together.

When it comes to planning the food and drink menu, there is no shortage of fall favorites to choose from. Think pumpkin cheesecake bites and apple cider sangria!

Looking for more details about this seasonal theme? Check out our step-by-step guide to throwing a fall bridal shower.


Our Fall in Love shower must-haves:

Fall-Themed Bucket List

Have each suggest their favorite fall date idea (i.e. going to a pumpkin patch or taking a haunted hayride) using our cards and assemble it into a gift you can present to the couple!


9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (28)

Apple Cider Kit Favors

Send guests home with these yummy, do-it-yourself apple cider kit favors.

Signature Fall co*cktail

Remember what we said about apple cider sangria? It makes for the perfect big batch fall co*cktail!

9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (29)

Garden Party”

Does your bride-to-be have a green thumb? Or perhaps she just loves spending time outdoors? Either way, a garden party is definitely one of our bridal shower themes to consider!

As with any garden, aesthetic is everything. That’s why the ideal venue for this type of shower will be naturally decorated with plants and flowers, leaving you to simply add a few final touches.

When it comes to the food and drink menu, think fresh finger foods and yummy sparkling co*cktails. And don’t be afraid to throw a few edible florals into the mix!

Finally, go above and beyond by planning some fun garden-related activities and games (keep reading for some good ideas!)


Our Garden Party must-haves:

Flower Bar

Set up a ‘build your own bouquet’ flower bar that doubles as a fun activity and gift for guests!

9 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride (31)

Seed Packet Favors

These adorable “let love grow” seed packets are the perfect garden party favors to send guests home with.


Greenery Games

Add to the overall aesthetic by playing some greenery-themed bridal shower games.


“Final Fiesta”

Send your bride-to-be off in southwestern style by hosting a final fiesta bridal shower!

The key to nailing a final fiesta theme is all about the color scheme. When deciding on decorations, think bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow with hints of green and blue.

Throw in some fiesta-themed supplies, like cups or napkins, plus fun accessories like mini sombreos or cactus confetti.

Most importantly, make sure your food and drink menus are top-notch. We’re talking loads of guacamole, build your own taco bar, and ice-cold margaritas!


Our Final Fiesta bridal shower must-haves:

Colorful Backdrop

Create a colorful background for your photos with this vibrant fringe backdrop.


Let’s Fiesta Cups

Sip your margaritas in style with these let’s fiesta cups that double as favors for guests.


Floral Fiesta Veil

Let your bestie feel like the queen she is by rocking this floral fiesta veil.


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