12 Times Jennifer Lopez Has Worn A Wedding Dress & Proved She's A Fashion Icon (2024)

Jennifer Lopez has worn a lot of wedding dresses. From her first romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, to her new film, This Is Me... Now: A Love Story, she’s worn a whopping eight bridal gowns on-screen — and that doesn’t count her real-life nuptials.

Throughout her career, the singer has faced a stream of criticism for her relationship history, which includes four marriages and six engagements, including a high-profile split from ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez before she reconciled with now-husband Ben Affleck. Combined with her many rom-coms, seeing J.Lo as a bride has become a familiar image. In her new movie, she’s reclaiming the narrative.

This Is Me... Now, which premieres Feb. 16 on Prime Video, chronicles the ups and downs of her self-love journey while also addressing her prior relationships and poking fun at her reputation. For instance, in one of the movie’s music videos, she marries three different guys — played by Tony Bellissimo, Derek Hough, and Trevor Jackson — in the span of 4 minutes.

At this point, the actor-singer-dancer-author-entrepreneur-producer should add bridal expert to her ever-growing list of titles. Below, revisit 12 times that J.Lo wore a wedding dress, both on-screen and in real life.

Her Wedding To Ojani Noa

Before she played an on-screen bride, J.Lo tied the knot in real life, marrying actor and producer Ojani Noa in 1997. Her first wedding dress was a sleek and lacy gown, complete with a flower accessory. Lopez and Noa’s marriage lasted just under a year, before they divorced in 1998.

The Wedding Planner

J.Lo’s first on-screen bridal appearance was in none other than The Wedding Planner, a 2001 rom-com co-starring Matthew McConaughey. After months of resisting an arranged marriage, her character gives in and dons an off-the-shoulder white dress to marry a man her father chose for her. But in the end, true love (in the form of McConaughey) won out.

Her Wedding To Cris Judd

For her September 2001 wedding to second husband Cris Judd, a backup dancer who appeared in her video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” J.Lo wore a beaded gown designed by Valentino. The pair were married for a little over a year, before separating in mid-2002.


If any wedding dress on this list is cursed, it’s the one from Enough. Instead of J.Lo’s wedding being the happily ever after in this movie, it’s the brief moment of joy before her husband (Billy Campbell) turns abusive. Viewers aren’t able to see the full gown, with the camera only showing J.Lo from the neck up, donning a veil and some sparkly straps.

Her Real Wedding To Marc Anthony

J.Lo married fellow singer Marc Anthony, the father of her twins Max and Emme, in 2004. Almost 20 years later, no photos have been released from the ceremony, meaning this is one of Lopez’s wedding dresses fans haven’t seen. But CBS reported that she wore a champagne-colored, chantilly-lace Vera Wang gown and Neil Lane jewelry on the big day.

Her Movie Wedding To Marc Anthony

Yes, J.Lo married Anthony in a movie, too. Anthony plays famous Salsa singer Héctor Lavoe, and she stars as his wife Puchi in the 2006 film El Cantante. She sported a ’60s-inspired gown with long lace sleeves and an extravagant veil. The dress was auctioned off for an unknown amount in 2014, the same year the couple finalized their divorce.


J.Lo’s wedding dress in 2005’s Monster-in-Law was so elegant and regal that her future mother-in-law, played by Jane Fonda (who also appears in This Is Me... Now), couldn’t handle it. So, Fonda’s character stole her moment by also showing up to the wedding in white.

Marry Me

From veil to train, J.Lo’s gown in Marry Me is covered in enough glitter and rhinestones for a showgirl troupe. But she looked absolutely sparkling as she rose on stage in the first concert scene. Too bad this dress is also cursed, as her character found out about her fiancé’s infidelity just moments before she was set to marry him in a live televised ceremony.

Her First Wedding To Ben Affleck

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Lopez and Affleck finally tied the knot —twice — in July 2022. The couple eloped in Las Vegas with two of their children and two wedding dresses in tow.

She wore “a dress from an old movie” that had never been seen before, designed by Alexander McQueen. Fans suspected that it may have been from her and Affleck’s 2004 film Jersey Girl, as director Kevin Smith said he filmed a wedding scene with the two that didn’t make the final cut. Her second look was an off-the-shoulder Zuhair Murad bridal gown.

Her Second Wedding To Ben Affleck

The couple held a bigger ceremony for family and friends a month after their Vegas wedding, and she had a custom gown made for her this time. The bride wore a Ralph Lauren Collection dress to say “I do” (again), with a simple veil but extravagant ruffled skirt and train.

Shotgun Wedding

The actor’s opulent gown with its hilariously long veil in Shotgun Wedding is the true MVP. This wedding dress miraculously survived the action movie’s shootouts, explosions, and hostage situations. Sure, it was torn to shreds, but the foundation was still intact when Lopez’s character finally got married at the end.

This Is Me... Now

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J.Lo combined three weddings into the “Can’t Get Enough” music video for This Is Me... Now, and didn’t even bother to wear different dresses for them. During the ceremony, she wears a lace gown with heart-shaped cut-outs. For the reception, she changes into a short dress with a poofy skirt and feathered head accessory that’s much better for dancing the night away.

12 Times Jennifer Lopez Has Worn A Wedding Dress & Proved She's A Fashion Icon (2024)
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